Ground Penetrating Radar Services Now Available

Piedmont Locating Services is pleased to announce that we now offer ground penetrating radar service.

We recently completed the purchase of a new GPR unit, designed specifically for the utility locating industry. We expect to take delivery of the instrument in early March and have it available for service soon after.

Ground penetrating radar is a powerful technology for exploring the subterranean jungle of infrastructure under our feet, enabling us to find non-conductive facilities such as plastic, asbestos-concrete, or terracotta pipes, as well as underground fuel tanks and reservoirs.

Ground penetrating radar, in conjunction with the electromagnetic instruments already in our arsenal, is the most cost-effective way to complete the underground utility picture our clients need to see.

Radar and electromagnetic instruments are the left and right hands of any professional utility locator. We can do a few tasks reasonably well with one hand, but we can do a great deal more, with much better results, using both.

In addition to the new GPR unit, we have also just purchased a state-of-the-art multi-frequency electromagnetic instrument. This will greatly enhance our ability to find and trace traditional, wire-based utilities, and offer us much greater flexibility in the field.

Over the next several months we plan to acquire several accessories to complement this new instrument, allowing us to offer even more valuable services to our customers.

As you might expect, new technology costs money, and we are perhaps proudest of the fact that we have found a way to make all of these improvements without raising our hourly rates.

If you’re an existing client, you already know we offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. If you haven’t worked with us before, we invite you to discover how affordable full-service utility locating and subsurface investigations can be.